Voices from the UK's pulmonary hypertension community

Jo Dunbar 

  • Fridge play in my house during the first couple of weeks of lockdown

  • First time cutting my own hair, May 2020

  • Socially distanced, slightly chilly gatherings, August 2021. The girl in the background is Kirsten, the daughter of some of my closest friends. I only saw her in person once more after this photo was taken, as she died three months later. Very thankful for all the times we braved the chill and hung out in the garden.

  • Christmas dinner alone, Christmas 2020!

  • First time in town seeing the social distancing signs and markers, August 2020

  • Making our rainbow to go outside the front door, April 2020

  • Our ‘Thank you keyworkers’ rock at the front of the house, April 2020. 

  • The things you do when shielding alone! Found a leftover tube of henna from a cultural night, and got a bit carried away! April 2020

  • First time getting blood taken at my local hospital, May 2020. Usually, this area would have another row of chairs and have people standing lining the walls waiting their turn.

  • Trying to teach music! Pretty much every Zoom lesson with tweens/teens involved some kind of animal invasion! June 2020

  • A friend and I started a group where women who were feeling the loss of their usual women’s groups and clubs could sign up for other women to send them encouraging snail mail. These were some of the cards I made to send to women who were finding pandemic life hard.

Jo submitted these 11 photos that sum up some of her experiences of the pandemic.


Other Moments In History