Voices from the UK's pulmonary hypertension community


“The first photo is of our dog Ginny on a camp bed in our lounge. We had the bed set up when I caught covid a few months ago. My husband had to sleep downstairs while I self-isolated in our bedroom. Ginny is not allowed on beds but she was delighted to find a bed set up downstairs and could sneak onto it when no one was in the room.

The other photo is of my garden. During the first lockdown I took part in a competition run jointly between Gardener’s World and The One Show called My Chelsea Garden. I had little hope of winning, but it captured my imagination and provided much needed motivation and something to focus on.

I’m not sure how I’d have coped, both mentally and physically, during lockdowns and shielding without my lovely family, our daft dog and being able to spend time in the garden every day. 

I think I became slightly obsessed with gardening and nature. That continues. It was strange being outside in absolute quiet during the early months of the pandemic – no distant traffic noise, no aircraft overhead and no happy sounds from children playing on the village green.”



Other Moments In History